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What you need to know before building your next home

Posted by Evolution Building Group on Jun 24, 2020 12:21:33 PM


Building a home can seem like a stressful experience at first. If true, a new home is a significant investment and decision that involves the consideration of several factors to get it right, with proper guidance and support, the building process can actually be quite a remarkable and rewarding experience. At Evolution Building Group, we want to take the hassle out of your building journey, making sure you're comfortable and enjoy every step when building your new home. This is why we have answered the 12 most commonly asked questions by home buyers about the building process.

 From pre-construction and design to construction, finance and warranties, this is what should know before building your new home:


1 - How long does it take to build a new home? 🕰️

The length of a build will always depend on factors such as the type of home, land, size and inclusions. Bear in mind that there is also a period of up to 12 weeks prior to construction for council approvals. At Evolution Building group, our goal is to complete every project in the most effective timeframe without compromising quality. However, once you have signed your contract, and the council permits have been approved, your consultant will give you an estimated date for the delivery of your new home!


2 - Is building new is more expensive than buying? 💰

 With the current housing market situation in Australia, finding an existing home that meets your needs but also is within your price range is becoming more and more difficult. If you do find a property that suits your lifestyle and in your favourite location, it most likely is way over your budget. Because of this, it's more common to see families opting for building their new homes as they have found it's more cost-effective and satisfying. This is considering the benefits and costs of owning a brand new home that's been built specifically to their family needs over buying an existing property and having to invest in maintenance and renovations to make it suit their lifestyle.


3 - How long does a council approval take? 📄

 Before starting most type of construction developments in NSW, a DA must be lodged with the local council. The approval time depends on different factors; however, the average process can take from 8 to 12 weeks. Good news is, at Evolution Group, we can successfully guide you and submit this application for you to take that weight from your shoulders to make your building journey even easier!


4 - How much deposit do I need to build a home? ✍️

 This depends on different factors for each builder, such as the location you decide to build and the type of contract you choose. You will need to pay a deposit that can go from 5% to 20% of the total cost of the build at the moment of signing the contract. At Evolution Building Group, our consultants can give you further information regarding the deposit you will need to pay according to your case and guide you with financial options to make this step easy for you.


5 - What should I give priority to when choosing a home design? ❔

When deciding on a plan for your next home, the first question you should ask yourself is why. Why are you building new? Is it to add more space for your family or downsize? Is entertaining important for you, or you have a quieter lifestyle? Once you define what your needs are then it would be easier to find a home design that covers them. However, some essential aspects to consider are:

  • Size: that better suits your family needs now and in the future.
  • Orientation and position: Based on your land, consider how your home will be orientated to the sun to take advantage of the natural light and shades. This will significantly add comfort to your new home as it will keep you fresh all year round.
  • Floorplan: Make sure the home design has the right number of rooms, but it also has open plan spaces for the family. A design that has an internal and external flow will also make a big difference in your lifestyle!


6 - Can I customise a standard home design? 👍

 At Evolution Building Group, we have a wide range of home designs that have been perfectly designed for growing families and those who are ready to take their next step in life. However we understand every client is unique, this is why you can make changes and customise details of your home design to make sure it meets your individual needs and you get the perfect home for you and your family!

 If you can't find a suitable home design, we also offer a custom home design service where we can create a home that's entirely personalised and unique to you.


8 - What are standard inclusions?

Standard Inclusions are the fixtures and features that are included in the price of your new home. At Evolution building group we have a number of intelligently designed floor plans, optional facades and inclusions for our Next Collection range that put the focus on you, offering a more personalised and flexible approach to building your new home. To help you make the right decision, our consultant will provide you with a comprehensive list that specifies every single detail that will be included in your home. From doors to tiling, and power points to hot water system, you will know precisely what you are getting for the price of your home.


9 - Can I make changes to my home once construction has started?

In short, yes, however, bear in mind that any changes at this stage will represent additional costs for your build. Some modifications might even require approval from the council as they will have to modify your building consent.

The scope of your project will determine the timeframe needed to complete it and the challenges that your builder will face. This is why it is crucial to mention all the special requests you want for your home before a contract is signed to avoid having to request changes that can alter the site work during construction. It's normal to sometimes change your mind about specific details and features that didn't turn out as expected in your home. This is why it's so important to find a builder that has room for flexibility, and it's always willing to suggest ways to make those changes with minimal impact on your budget or timeline to ensure you're delighted with the final result.


10 - How do I choose the right block of land for my new home?

Finding the right block of land to suit the home you want is crucial to ensure you can build the house of your dreams. A particular block could easily make thousands of dollars difference in construction and maintenance costs, and can also determine the restrictions on how you can build in it. There are multiple factors to take into account when choosing a block of land: From size, shape and slope to soil type, location and ways of access. We recommend you make this decision with the help of a professional. Involving your builder at this early stage can have a significant impact on the outcome of your home build.

House and land packages are also a really helpful alternative. At Evolution Building Group, we have matched the best home designs to the best blocks to simply make it easier for you. If you have already purchased a block of land, we can also recommend a home design, or we can offer a custom design service and a range of upgrades that can be included to ensure your home is entirely unique to you.


11 - What warranties are available for my new home build?

 When you build a new home in NSW, you count with different safeguards that protect both you and your builder from any potential issues during and after construction. When you sign a contract, you automatically get a warranty known as the 'defects and liability period'. This is usually for 13 weeks after your home has been completed and handed to you. Also, it's your builder responsibility to ensure your property is free from major defects for six years after the build's completion and two years for all other defects. It's important to discuss this with your builder in detail and get these warranties in writing when you sign a contract.


12 - How can I get assistance with finance?

 When you're building a new home, finances can be quite an overwhelming part of the process. At Evolution Building Group, our aim is to make your building journey as stress-free and seamless as possible right down to the finance.

We can help you and recommend a mortgage specialist to find the best home loan to suit your unique needs. To see more about this assistance and our financial services, you just need to contact our team, and they will be more than happy to help you get one step closer to your dream home.


13 - Can I visit the building site to see my home? 😀

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to attend your site to check the milestones of your new home. However, you always need to be accompanied by your site supervisor for safety reasons. This is why these visits need to be organised by appointment with your consultant, and they will be conducted during regular working hours. You can book these visits and discuss any matters related to the construction of your home with our team.


Being informed and know every aspect of building a new home can give you peace of mind and make this experience a lot easier than you imagine. Choosing an experienced and trustworthy builder is the start point to a smooth building journey.

Over 20 years of experience designing and building homes for families in different stages of their life has helped us to understand in depth the process and the main strains that people experience in the journey of building their dream home. Sometimes being this the biggest investment in their lifetime. This is the reason why we have committed to taking the stress out of the construction process for homeowners and provide them with an enjoyable journey and a satisfactory experience that they can remember for years to come. We achieve this by keeping open and transparent communication with our clients, supporting and listening to them every step of the way to make sure the final outcome completely fulfil their needs and expectations.

Starting the building journey with Evolution Building Group is super easy! You can visit our display home where you can feel- the quality, the design, the beautiful finishes, the premium inclusions and the ambience of the homes we build and get inspired and motivated to build your own. You can also book a private consultation and chat with our friendly team over the phone, online or on a face to face meeting, and they will guide you through the steps you need to make your dream home a reality!


If you have any additional questions, that we didn't mention above, or if you have an enquire, contact us today!


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